Frequently Asked Questions

What is this jacket for?

This is a special coat for spring, autumn and winter. Its has the following functions:

  • Normal womens' coat
  • Maternity coat (with the help of the front maternity insert)
  • Front carrying (the same insert zipped from the other direction)
  • Back carrying (with a wider insert)

What it is made of?

Outer part: multi-layered water resistant softshell. Breathable, water resistant, windproof. It is designed for everday use and not for sport, therefore is not completely water resistant, in case of persistent rain water can leak in, but resists to smaller rains.

Inner part: high quality quilted wad, which provides warmth. It is black and can be ordered in 3 thickness. The inner part can be removed for spring and automn, while in winter it can be fixed back with the help of snap fastener.

How to select size?

The jacket is a little bit more spacious than normal coat, because majority requires as much comfort as possible. Therefore choose your normal size if you prefer comfort. If you prefer the coat to closely follow your body form, then you chose one size smaller than your normal (eg. 34 instead of 36).

We help you to select your size, if you give us your sizes: height, bust, empire (below breast), waist, hip, back width, upper arm perimeter, arm length.

Available colours

The colours you can choose from is available on this webpage. There are a couple of parts on the coat which you can fit to your imagination.We recommend to select a base colour and one or two decorating colours.

The following parts are made of the decorating colours: pocket strap, hood inside, collar (outer), cover bands for the zipper, back gap cover. In case of special needs other variations are allowed.


The coat can be ordered in 3 different sizes. Normal length is 85 cm, longer is 95 cm, shorter is 75 cm. You can choose from these options, if you need a different length, we will give you separate price proposal form that.

Inner part

The coat inner is removable, and can be fixed with the help of fixing patents. So without the inner part the coat is a spring/autumn coat, while in winter you can simply fix the inner part into the coat, and it becomes a warm winter coat.

How to wash?

At 30-40 C⁰. Use only specific detergent (eg. STORM) for Softshell sport coats, otherwise it will not remain safe against water.

Please do not use fabric softeners or solvents. Do not use dryer, let it be dried from both layers (outside, then turned out from inside).

Spin-dryer: max. 600-1000 speed. Ironing at medium temperature.