Babywearing coat

Babywearing jacket - not only for winter and not just for babywearing!

During pregnancy it is a maternity coat, after that it is a babywearing jacket. When babies are already toddlers, you can use it as a normal woman's coat. This is possible thanks to the special design and thorough customer testing.
Our latest modell has a few exciting novelties. More feminine design, easier materials, but still the same warmth provided. The baby rain cover and the back insert are in the same part, in one piece, making it simplier to handle. In waistline it can be adjusted to provide a pretty look. It is even more protecting against wind, and the inserts can be even better fitted to the body.

When carrying the baby in front, we use the front insert. The wider part is above (as opposed to the maternity function, when the wider side is below). The insert can be adjusted at several points, according the needs. If needed, the back insert can be also used in front. The insert has a rain-cover part, which can be fixed to the shoulder of the coat.

When carrying the baby on back, we propose to use the wider insert. We can adjust the exact size of the insert to the size of the baby with the adjusting cords, then we fix it into the coat by zippers, into the middle line of the coat.

After putting on the coat we can further adjust the 'sack' with cords in the shoulder part. This will ensure that the sack will not be too big, too windy.

Comfortable maternity coat while pregnant. After babywearing it is a full-value normal coat for daily use.

In maternity function we put front insert in a way when wider side is down, and narrow part is up. You can adjust the insert exactly to your growing tummy.

Without inserts this is a full-value woman's coat.